Harper + Lola

8:18 PM

Was ist schöner als eine Kind-Hund Beziehung?! Genau! nichts! 
Deshalb hat sich die Mutter und Fotografin Rebecca Leimbach zur Aufgabe 
diese wunderschöne Beziehung zwischen ihrer Tochter und der Französischen Bulldogge Lola zu 
dokumentieren und fotografieren.
"From the day her daughter was born, Rebecca Leimbach has photographed the beautiful and budding 
relationship between the little girl and her English Bulldog. After suffering through years of infertility,
 Rebecca and her husband were blessed with their daughter Harper. After Harper was born, 
they tried to have more children but even IVF treatments proved unsuccessful. 
Feeling an immense sense of guilt and sadness that she wouldn’t be able to give Harper a sibling, 
or in other words a playmate, Rebecca was surprised to find out that, all along,
 one had been living in their house. 
Her name was Lola and she was their wonderfully loyal English Bulldog.
Via becauseimaddicted

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2 Loves

  1. Gosh that is too cute! x S.


  2. Wie süß!! Tolle Idee..
    Aber es ist eine Englische Bulldogge :D
    Franzosen sind etwas kleiner. Haben selber eine. Darum, ne tolle Idee zum selber machen :)



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