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Tell us about yourself and how you started blogging? 
 Hi I’m Jony, 24 years old and currently I’m living in Den Bosch (a city in the south of the Netherlands) 
together with my boyfriend and two cats. I’m a showroom manager and junior PR consultant
 for a fashion and lifestyle PR agency based in Amsterdam. 
Next to that I’m designing for the SS 2013 collection in collaboration with Maruti. 
And this month I’m guestblogging for STYLIGHT. Fashion has always been something
 I’m passionate about. I think this all started when I was a little girl dressing up my Barbie dolls. 
Actually my younger sister inspired me to start my own blog. Back then she started a beauty blog
 and that definitely activated me to start my own. For me is the perfect platform 
to share my ideas, inspiration and my love for fashion with the online world. 
Mainly I want to share my personal taste of fashion with the purpose of passing ideas to my readers. 
What do you do when you’re not blogging?
 I’m a showroom manager and junior PR consultant for LifeStylePress, 
a fashion and lifestyle PR agency based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 
Besides that I help design the spring/summer 2013 collection together with Dutch shoebrand Maruti 
and I'm a guestblogger for Dutch fashion website STYLIGHT. And in my spare time I try to enjoy 
every moment in life with family, friend and my boyfriend 
Who are your favourite brands/designers?
 In general I appreciate and love the collections of Acne, Isabel Marant and Alexander Wang, 
but I do also like a lot of Australian designers such as Bec & Bridge and Arnsdorf. 
Unfortunately all of these brand are a little above my budget so I tend to shop more at Zara 
and H&M. You can also see me wearing a lot of thrift store items. Visiting thrift store is something
 I love to do as well in my free-time. 
 How would you describe your own personal Style?
 I think you can describe my style as casual feminine with an edgy touch, sophisticated together 
with thrift store items. In the end I dress to my mood. 
What fashion trends are you enjoying now?
 I'm loving the sporty chic trend lately, have been wearing my wedge sneakers and number tee a lot. 
Combined with a mid length bodycon skirt to add that chic touch. The army trend is something 
I have been liking as well. Still on the search for the perfect army jacket though. 
What would you never wear? 
 A white legging and Crocs definitely!
 Do you have a style icon? 
 Miroslava Duma, Taylor Tamasi Hill, Jessica Hart, Olivia Palermo, Rachel Bilson... 
as you can read there is not one specific person where I get my inspiration from. 
I get my inspiration mostly from the internet, during visiting Lookbook, Etsy, Pinterest 
but also a lot of (streetstyle) blogs. 
What are your favorite blogs?
 Here are a couple of my favorite blogs which I love to visit everyday: 
Sincerely JulesColumbine Smile, Late Afternoon, Atlantic-Pacific, Blushing Ambition, Frassy,
That's Chic, Gary Pepper Vintage.
 What is your favorite film,song and book/magazines? 
 My favourite films: Memento, Saving Private Ryan, Gladiator, The Notebook, The Green Mile,
10 thing I hate about you, The Truman Show... just a selection of my favourite movies
because that list is long! Can't really say that I have a favourite song of all time but everytime
I listen to Mayer Hawthorne it cheers me up. Reminds me of his concert I visited.
What can't you live without? 
Definitely my loves ones!

Where will you be in 10 years?
 Oh my, I have no idea, maybe still in Den Bosch, hopefully in Amsterdam.
Don't have a 10 year plan, I just let everything happen to me and live day by day because
you never know when it is going to stop.
I always believe that everything is possible, nothing is impossible. There are no limits.
Whatever you can dream of can be yours.

Tell us your favourite things about the place you live… 
 Personally I'm not that big of a fan of the place I live, me and my boyfriend can't wait to move
and live in Amsterdam. But that has to wait a couple of years, till then we make the best of it
 and enjoy the city we live in. Den Bosch is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, it's well know
for its pleasant and lively atmosphere. One of city's highlights is the cathedral of Saint John's,
 very pretty and definitely a must visit. Not far from Den Bosch is a family theme park, The Efteling,
which is a magical place if you ask me.
Jony van Stralen For shout-out to you

Jony van Stralen For shout-out to you

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