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Tell us about yourself and how you started blogging? 
Well, I have just graduated from uneversity and I am officaly a dentist. 
However, I do adore fashion and hence have started blogging about a year ago, 
little less than a full year. I realoized that I love photography and now 
I am really trying to develop my blogging into high quality product. 
What do you do when you’re not blogging? 
So, when I am not bloggining I am reading about photography, a good book or just browsing
 internet and trying to get hold of cool garments, and shoes!Do not forget the shooes! 

Who are your favourite brands/designers?
Favourite designers are definetely Proenza Schouler, Acne, Balenciaga 
but lately I have been faling for Sportmax, although I do sware to good old H&M. 
How would you describe your own personal Style?
 My personal style is really fuss free, and with a rock edge, although I mostly dress to suit 
my mood.If I am not feeling good in what I am wearing, well what is the point? 

What fashion trends are you enjoying now?
 I do like this Hawaiian print thing going on now, although I am not fond of prints in general. 
What would you never wear?
 I don't know, I actually don't have a special garment or the trend I resent, 
but I have to say that 80's were a little bit far of for my taste. 

Do you have a style icon? 
 When it comes to style icons, in a way I do, but none in particular.
 I admire well dressed women who feel comfortable in their skin and clothes, which shows really. 
So, I am trying to live by that. If I have to name a person 
it would be Alexa Chung, Hanneli and Taylor Tomassi. 

What are your favorite blogs? 
Blogs, well again none particular I love individuals who know who and what they are and dressing 
accordingly, but Hanneli, Hedvig Opshaug and Elin KLing are on my Daily reading list. 
What is your favorite film,song and book/magazines? 
I have to say that I don't have a favourite movie, but I do like the ones that chalenge my way of thinking. 
The last one in the line is probablly 'The rum diary'.
 I am such a big fan of Johnny Depp. Oh, yeah I looove all Tim Burton makes. 
Favourite book, it has to be 'Mists of Avalon' or ' Interview 
with a vampire'- yupp I am fantasy junkie.
Although I have read lots of Edgar Allan POe lately and poems by Miroslav Antic. 
What can't you live without? 
I can't live without blowdryer, make up I can, but seriously no flat hair here! 

Where will you be in 10 years? 
In 10 years, well I hope that my career in fashion will kick of as I want it to, 
but I do hope to live a little far from the city, have a dog and maybe a kid by then.
Who knows, maybe travelling the world or practicing dentistry. Life can be full of suprises! 
Irina For A Portable Package 

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  1. omg love her style

  2. So addicted to her sense of style. Love how she pockets her fashion inspirations; influenced by the woman, not the name. Very well-crafted interview!

  3. you look shock at the pictures but you have a unique style in fashion... :)


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