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Best for: Athletic builds and great for showing off toned arms and legs. 
The looser silhouette skims the body, but doesn't hug curves or define a waist. 
If you want to play up your stems or showcase toned biceps, this dress is ideal. 
Best for: All body types. Shirtdresses flatter just about any body as long as you look for the right shape.
 If you're curvier, opt for an A-line style; boyish shapes should look to more fitted versions — 
and of course, have fun with the sheer or lacy fabrications they come in. 
Fit and Flare
Best for: Hourglass shapes and highlighting and creating curves. 
The waist-defining silhouette is ideal for ladies looking to play up their curves. 
Of course, the fit-and-flare style is also a safe bet if you're looking to create the illusion of curv 
Best for: All body types; just look to a dressed-up silhouette that suits you best. 
Athletic build like Jennifer? Opt for a dress that skims your curves and shows a little skin.
 If you're looking to conceal a little more, look for styles that float away from the body 
or draw attention to your favorite areas via a lower neckline or open back. 
Slit Front Maxi Dress (€655.00) 
Best for: All body types. Maxi dresses are pretty universally flattering — 
it's all about finding the right fit for your body and you can make it work.
 If you want to stay covered up on top, look for long-sleeved styles ; for showing off curves, 
opt for a fitted style; and if you're looking to flatter an hourglass shape,
 find a dress that cinches the waist and floats away from the body. 
Best for: Any body type. Minis are made in a bevy of styles, 
so with the right silhouette, they flatter just about any frame. 
If you're apprehensive about showing too much leg, look for one that hits just above the knee, 
and if you're looking for ways to get extra mileage out of this style,
 opt for nude high-heels to play up the illusion of mile-long gams. 
Best for: Highlighting and creating curves. 
The snug fit doesn't leave much room to hide,
 but also provides the perfect opportunity for playing up curves. 
Whether you're out to show off the curves you've got, or hoping to create the illusion of curves,
 these styles are just the thing. 
Tank Dress
Best for: Almost all body types. These dresses flatter boyish, athletic, and curvier frames alike.
 The tank or racerback neckline shows off shoulders and arms,
 and while typically, the silhouette hugs the body, there are styles that float away from the hips, 
making it just as flattering an option for curvier shapes. 
Best for: Any body — find the details you love on a silhouette that fits your body best. 
The same rules to fit apply: if you're curvier, look to waist-defining styles to draw
 interest to your smallest point; if you want to show off your legs, opt for a mini hemline; 
and if you're out to create curves, look for hip-highlighting peplum. 

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