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Tell us about yourself and how you started blogging?
My name is Jade and I have always loved to do things that are somewhat craft related. As a young one, I was the queen of scotch duck tape and would try to make something out of completely nothing. Now that I'm a bit older and can get my hands on some more resources, I love to sew... still a beginner, though! I started blogging in 2008 after finding out about fashion blogs. I never kept with one though until I started These Days, which I started at the end of 2009. I love to blog because its my creative outlet.
Who are your favourite brands/designers?
My favorite designers are the usual suspects, Miu Miu, Celine, Phillip Lim, etc. As far as brands I'm really loving the J. Crew look right now.
How would you describe your own personal Style?
My personal style reflects my personality I feel. I'm a very smiley, happy, and overall cheerful person. I feel I always have that kind of girly vibe but sometimes I try and mix it up a bit. I'm still having trouble answering this question!
What fashion trends are you enjoying now?
I love that colored tailored pants are in. It is such a classic piece that always looks fashionable, plus the fact that any color and print is acceptable right now keeps it interesting! I'm on the hunt for some fun fabric to try and make my own pair.
Do you have a style icon?
This is something that always changes, but one of my favorites is Miroslava Duma. She is too fabulous.
What would you never wear?
Oh that's easy! Crocs! They aren't for me.
What are your favorite blogs?
I love Luxirare, Park and Cube, The Glamorai, and Honestly WTF off the top of my head.
What is your favorite film,song and book/magazines?
I suppose I would say The Royal Tenenbaums. I've seen it many times and also watched it recently. But I also liked Old Boy. I typed up about five different times saying what my favorite song is and I can't pick one. I'll go with an artist as of now, which would be Ryuichi Sakamoto. I think I look up to him more, because not only do I love his songs (mainly his piano pieces) but I would love to be able to play like him. Not just technically, but emotionally as well. Does that make sense? As far as magazines go I'd say I mostly ready Nylon, Vivi, and Vogue.
What can't you live without?
I'll admit that I go absolutely insane without the internet. Now that I'm back in piano lessons, I'm pretty sad that there isn't a piano everywhere I go.
Where will you be in 10 years?
In ten years, I'm not really sure. Whatever it is I just hope I'm loving what I'm doing.
The first thing you look at in another person's outfit is...
I would say I do an overall scan. I don't really look at something first in particular.

Jade Elise For These Days
Jade Elise For These Days

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