Welcome By Kelly Framel

6:22 PM

Kelly Framel works hard. Very hard. She posts five days a week, infallibly and religiously. And to

relax she works some more. Her vacations consist of sponsored trips – her most recent one was a
10-day tour of Sao Paulo where she was shooting a campaign and being taken around to various
local design studios – or flying to Las Vegas to help out a friend at a trade show, or drives up to the
Brimfield antiques fair in Massachusetts to hang out with the Beckerman sisters in their vintage
empire. And just when you think she has some time to plop down on the couch, take off her heels
and put up her feet, she retreats to the basement office of her ground floor apartment in
Williamsburg and works on her jewelry line.

She started her incredibly successful blog, The Glamourai – even she can’t believe how fast and
hard it’s taken off – in 2008 when she was designing gowns at Naeem Kahn. She saw blogs
emerging everywhere and got inspired to use the same kind of outlet as a platform for her own
creativity and ideas, which had much more to do with daily life and street style than evening
wear. She has since secured a cozy and lucrative little niche and supports herself solely with
blogging. “For the longest time I didn’t tell anyone I worked with about it,” she winces. “I
thought it was sort of cheesy, and I’d never work in fashion again if people found out I wrote this
silly website! My name wasn’t even on it then. (One day when another blogger published it, I
seriously cried!) The mindset within the industry was so different just a couple years ago. It’s
changed a lot, but I’m still surprised that it’s now possible to get into fashion from a blog.”

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