Video//Orrefors By Karl Lagerfeld

10:08 AM

Orrefors by Karl Lagerfeld.
When the top of the glass meets the brand Karl Lagerfeld, was out of the collaboration must be equal to the high taste and high quality luxury good. Orrefors is a long history of glass products company, with its advanced design and fine glass crafts and famous. Karl Godfather God of hosts to fashion this cooperation does not want high-profile it is difficult to it! Segments, we again came to Karl Lord of the studio? (Do not remember or last missed, please find the old Post), a few strokes will readily draw out the design of the glass, and the design is very elegant, though not too beautiful elements, but it rather highlights the brand's quality material. Fragment of the most special is produced with the time to see the back, but also take the opportunity to understand how the glass is made

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