InspireMe: Anna Sofies Closet

5:40 PM

Tell us a little bit about yourself...
My name is Anna Sofie and I am 17 years old. I live in Denmark, near the capital Copenhagen.

How did you get the idea to start your own fashion blog?
I read a lot of blogs and I had so many photos on my computer, that I wanted to share, so

therefore I made my blog, it was very spontaneous.

Who are your favourite designers?
I love to buy second hand clothes, so I do not really care that much about designers. But if I
should choose one, I would say Alexander Wang, I like almost every piece he creates.

Do you have a style icon?
It is a bit tacky but if I should choose a style icon I would say Mary Kate Olsen. She happens to
have so many things I like and I think she makes all her ugly clothes, look so damn cool!

What are your favorite blogs?
My favorite blogs are the danish blog Gina Jaqueline and then I also like Anywho, Love
Aesthetics and SRC783, but it changes all the time.

What is your favorite song,book and film?
I love music and I listen to so much different, so it is very hard to choose just one song. But I
have heard the song Soul Meets Body with Death Cab For Cutie for ages, and I still love it.
Islands with The XX is also amazing. My favorite song at the moment is Church And Law by the
danish band When Saints Go Machine. I also read a lot of books and I watch so many movies, so
I really can not choose!

What can't you live without?
There is so many things I can not live without.

Next place you want to travel to..
I have been in New York one time and would LOVE to go again, it is definitely my favorite city. I
have never been in London, so I would also like to go there!

Special Question: What is your favorite Tv Series?
would say that one of my favorite TV-series is 24 hours, I am absolutely in love!!!

Anna Sofie for Anna Sofies Closet

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