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Tell us a little bit about yourself...
I am a 17-year old fashion blogger born and raised in the north of Sweden. As a child I always loved dressing up and becoming different characters by doing so, but I never had an interest for fashion. That began a year ago, or somewhere around that time. I started to look at trends more, I watched well-dressed people and took after them. In September 2010 I started my own fashion blog and since then a lot of my life has changed, through my blogging. I never realized before how much impact us fashion bloggers have on the fashion industry, but we have. It still amazes me when a clothing company contacts me and wants to send me clothes to wear, I never can believe they would want me to wear their clothes. But that's the lovely reality of today's fashion industry, haha. But I'm really, to be honest, just a teenage girl with a lot of dreams and goals, who sometimes tries a bit too hard and sometimes just wants to be a little girl again - dressing up in her mom's clothes.

Who are your favourite designers?
I love a lot of designers! But some of my current favourites are Scandinavian designers such as Acne and Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair - they are so very me in a way, lots of layering and chilly Scandinavian colors. I'm also a big fan of Chloé and when it comes to shoes - who doesn't love Jeffery Campbell?

Do you have a style icon?
I do, I have a lot of style icons I think. My main style icons are my best friends, they never cease to inspire me when it comes to fashion and clothing - because they're so stylish! And of course I keep being inspired by famous people who have their own, unique sense of style. I'm inspired by everyone from MK Olsen to Katherine Hepburn and Meryl Streep.

What are your favorite blogs?
I have a whole bunch of favourite blogs but some of my current favourites are The Cherry Blossom Girl , 365 Days, FashionToast , Mellow Mayoness and Glisters and Blisters (also a dear friend of mine) and let's not forget my very best friend - Cornelia .

What is your favorite song,book and film?
Gosh, I listen to lots of music so that's a very difficult question for me to answer. The same with books and movies. But let's see:
Favourite song (right now): Journey - Don't Stop Believin'
Favourite book: has to be Anne of Green Gables
Favourite movie(s): Sophie's Choice, The Notebook and The Lovely Bones.

What can't you live without?
My family, my friends, my iPhone (because I'm constantly trying to organize my whole un-organized life in it), my dreams and my new camera lens.

Next place you want to travel to..
New York, baby! Haha. Well I'd love to visit all of the great fashion weeks this fall, so that would be: New York, London, Paris and Milano. I think I might have to do with "just" New York and London, though.

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