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tell us a little bit about yourself...
im clara and 14 years old. i am german, go to a british school and live in ibiza, a little island which belongs to spain. i always liked fashion but my my style was pretty normal. i started dressing differently when i decided to create a blog. i love walking around and take photos with my nikon d3100. vampire weekend, the kooks, crystal castles, lykke li, eliza doolittle, two door cinema club, the drums, the strokes. ibiza, munich, hamburg, barcelona.

who are your favourite designers?
i dont really have a favourite designer. i buy my clothes from normal shops like h&m, zara, urban outfitters and some vintage stores or flea markets.

do you have a style icon?
my style icon is definitely alexa chung. she has such a great sense of dressing up right.

what are your favourite blogs?
well, i have lots of blogs i like, but my favourite ones are Framboise Fashion, Kenzie Faith, CUCKOO, D-Fashion, olympia, Le Happy, Fated to be Hated and constance-victoria. they all take wonderful photos.

what is your favourite song, book and film?
this can change any day, but right now my favourite books are from the series "house of night" its about vampires :D my favourite song is probably "what you know" by two door cinema club. favourite film: the notebook.

what cant you live without?
my family, my camera, my memories, my friends and internet.

next place you want to travel to...
london! i have never been to england, but all my english friends are from london and they always tell me how amazing london is. in london are also all the great shops like topshop, newlook and others that are not in germany or spain.

special question: whos your favourite disney character?
i never watched disney movies when i was small, but read the fairytales and i always liked cinderella. :D

Clara Schramm for Someday
Clara Schramm for Someday

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