DIY Marni Bracelet

10:25 AM

-1 yard of 1/4" Grosgrain Ribbon ($0.49 for 1 yard) in Shocking Pink
-1 yard of 1/4" Grosgrain Ribbon ($0.99 for 5 yard) in Orange
- 1 yard of 5/8" Grosgrain Ribbon ($1.25 for 5 yards) in Orange
-Artist Tape ($5.50)

Note: Grosgrain ribbon is best if you're looking to recreate Marni's Two-Tone Woven Bangle ($200), but we also recommend trying Sterling's Accessory Cords ($44/100M) or Dupioni Silk ($5/yard) if you want to experiment with additional colors and textures.

Okay crafters, this project requires you to learn a braiding pattern known as the "Cobra Stitch," which sounds very fancy and difficult, but is actually pretty simple. If you need extra help, you can always check out this video for some additional, visual instruction! But before we get into that, first you must prepare the ribbon and your workspace...

1. For the base of your bracelet, cut a 1-foot long piece of the thicker ribbon (5/8" Orange, in this case). You also will need to cut a 1-yard long piece of the thinner pink ribbon and the thinner orange ribbon (1/4" Shocking Pink and Orange, for those of you keeping track).

2. Take the thin pink and orange ribbons and fuse their ends together with a small amount of glue, so that you have one long piece of ribbon. Wait five minutes for the glue to completely dry before moving on to the next step.

3. Tape the top of the base ribbon—the thicker, 5/8" Orange—to a steady, flat surface and center the fused, thinner ribbon underneath it. Each side of the fused ribbon will serve as Ribbon A and Ribbon B (to follow example above).

4. To begin the Cobra Stitch, take Ribbon A and cross it over the base ribbon and under Ribbon B to make a loop.

5. Bring Ribbon B under the base ribbon and through Ribbon A's loop. Once knotted through, pull Ribbon A and B equally so they create a knot around the base ribbon.

6. Continue this pattern, alternating the lead ribbon from side to side. (Note: if your pattern starts to spiral, you're not alternating sides.)

7. Continue braiding the bracelet until you have reached a desired length then double knot both ends. The pattern should be 3/4 the size of your desired length for the bracelet, as the remaining 1/4 will be used to tie around the wrist.—Jessica Baker

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